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Calling all males with Oxfordshire ancestry – DNA needed

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

For our Oxfordshire research project we are looking for males whose ancestry is in Oxfordshire before 1875 and hopefully much further back. If you have that ancestry and are willing to have a Y-DNA test to help us trace surnames in Oxfordshire and where they occurred please contact

Note also there is a big DNA sale on the week of 21-28 April 2018 so we encourage everyone to buy their tests this week.





DNA Testing

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Thank you for all who attended my talk on DNA testing yesterday. If you are interested in a test do go to and buy one before 28th April 2017 as there is a sale.

Those with good Oxfordshire ancestry going back in the county before 1880, for at least 3 generations, please join our Oxfordshire DNA group at There are also plenty of groups for individual surnames, so once you have bought your test, join those groups too. You can belong to as many groups as you like once you have paid for a test.