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Minster Lovell History Event – it’s all coming together

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Sometimes you wonder if you will ever get there and it has been a hectic few weeks but the book is ready for a final proof, the work on the DVD of documents/photos is underway, we have 3 old cine films to edit into a new village film to display and the event is starting to take shape. We now have all the stands booked (military history, family history, village displays, local events, food, film shows, souvenirs), most of the people doing displays are ready (hand-to-hand combat, archery, Morris dancing, medieval muscians, wandering re-enactors and ancient craft demonstrations) and we are working on the final touches of logistics. The giant family tree has over 5500 villagers on it but still needs to be cleaned up and printed on an enormous roll of paper. We hope many people will come – 1pm to 5pm on 21st August at Manor Farm, Old Minster Lovell.