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Minster Lovell on WitneyTV

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Today Graham Kew and I recorded a small piece on Minster Lovell and our projects for WitneyTV, a new community venture. We couldn’t have had a better day to be down by the river at the ruins – fantastic weather and a great break from the ‘day job’. Hopefully people will see the results next Tuesday. The only problem was the rubbish piled all around. It makes the site rather ugly and many of the tourists were mentioning it.

Gathering Minster Lovell family trees

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Yesterday evening the village family tree team got together. We have nearly 4000 people on our village tree but with nearly 800 families in the village, each with anything from 3 to 300 members, we have a long way to go to finish the tree off. We are working flat out to get as much done as possible for our event on 21st August. If anyone has any names they want included or any information on their family then do please send it to us. Photos, documents and stories are also appreciated.