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Oxfordshire DNA

Do you have long-standing Oxfordshire ancestors (at least 3 generations going back into the 19th century and maybe much earlier)? There is a new Oxfordshire DNA project on the FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) site and we would like you to join. We already have one Minster Lovell family in the project; let’s get a good group of people from the village and make history.

If you have an Oxfordshire surname or are tracing your father’s father’s father’s… family in Oxfordshire then order a Y-DNA test, preferably with at least 67 markers. The test must be completed by a living MALE with that surname.

If you want to trace your mother’s mother’s mother’s….family in Oxfordshire order a mtDNA test. Either a MALE or FEMALE can do this test.

If you want to find distant cousins in the last 5 generations or so, order a FamilyFinder test. Either a MALE or FEMALE can do this test.You can also order combinations of tests.

How do I order/join the Oxfordshire group?

If you have Oxfordshire ancestors, but are new to DNA testing, go to the Oxfordshire DNA project, click on join, select the test you want and order it. It is cheaper. Your test will be put in a pending area and we will contact you to find out your Oxfordshire ancestry. Then complete your cheek swab when it is posted to you, sit back and wait for genetic cousins to come forward.

If you have been tested by FTDNA before and have Oxfordshire ancestry, just sign on and join the Oxfordshire DNA project. It’s free. If you have been tested by another company, go to this page: and apply to transfer your test. When your test is transferred, don’t forget to join the Oxfordshire DNA project.

(Any questions, contact


The talks for Spring 2019 are in the Events page of this website.

If you can't think of a Christmas present, why not a DNA test? Our Oxfordshire group is looking for males whose surnames are based in Oxfordshire back in history, who are willing to buy a Y-37 or Y-67 test. There is a Christmas sale on until 31 December 2018 at and Oxfordshire testers can then join the Oxfordshire project. Contact dna (at sign) if you have questions on tests and the Oxfordshire project.

There is a DNA sale on for 14-21 November 2018. We need more Oxfordshire people tested. See the blog for details.

We need Oxfordshire males whose surname was in the county before 1875 to buy a DNA test for an Oxfordshire research project. See the blog for details.

New book published on those who served in the military in the 20th century. Now 3 books available to buy.